Here’s What Your Nips Type Say About You!


Most of us are interested in knowing about our personalities because there are a lot of hidden things about us that we don’t even know, so it is palm reading, numerology and things like face reading that help us discover more about ourselves. Especially women are more into such stuff because they are very curious about knowing about the aspects of their personality that they are unaware of. But what they don’t know is that there are ways of discovering about themselves other than these.

You must be wondering that what are we talking about so keeping it simple, women can learn a lot about themselves by learning about the kind of rear they have! Surprised, aren’t you? Tsippora Shainhouse a renowned dermatologist and pediatrician has researched on the subject, and she believes that the kind of n*pples a woman have, describes a lot about her personality. And if a female fits in more than one category then there is nothing to worry about!

The first of this n*pple types are called supernumerary, and they are tiny in size. And if you have them, you don’t need to worry at all because there is nothing wrong with having this type. In fact, when you will be a mother and will brea$tfeed your child, your n*pples will get normal.

Do your nips stand out from their base for a few millimeters and get hard when they get touched, or it’s cold? If yes then the type of rear that you have is protruding. It happens because of your nips are a bit too sensitive, and so they are responsive to changes in temperature and touch.

Another type of nips that women usually have is called inverted and just as the name suggests the whole of the areola is swollen like a heap on top of the front. The inverted nips are very similar to the protruding ones in a sense that they too harden when they are touched, or it’s cold. The difference only lies in the shape!

Puffy are another type of rear that women have, and they have an inwards inverted areola. The primary difference between this kind and the other is that the inside skin is not visible because the muscle that is around the nip is too tight to let it come out. It happens when lactiferous ducts do not get a chance to be properly extended when a woman is going through her puberty.

Have you ever noticed hair around your areola? Well, to most of the women around it might look a bit weird because there is some thick black hair which makes no sense. So, in case you have hairy n*pples, you don’t need to worry at all because it is normal to have hair around your areola. All you need to do is use a tweezer and pluck them out!

The next type of n*pples are the dangerous one! If both your nips have a different shape in a sense that one is tucked inverted, and the other is tucked away from areola, then you need to be worried because it is not normal. It is a sign of cancer so before things get worse, you should rush to a doctor and get yourself checked.

One of the most common types of n*pples is the flat ones. They are called so because they do not rise from areola at all and are flat, but that does not mean that they won’t rise at all because if you stimulate them, they will get hardened.

Have you noticed small bumps around your n*pples? Even if you have then, you don’t need to fret because there is no need to worry! They are the Montgomery glands which are present in every other woman which makes it clear that they do not highlight any illness or disease. Even if they look like whiteheads, they are absolutely normal. Don’t forget to SHARE this article with females around you!

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