Woman Spends £27,000 On Plastic Surgeries Just To Look ‘Perfect’


When people are young, mostly they don’t have to worry about their body or getting thousands of plastic surgeries done because young people are already blessed with perfect body and there isn’t like you need to get your skin tight or anything! But this woman wasn’t really happy with herself, she is just 24 years old and she has thought that she won’t stop until she gets perfect!

Chloe Munnings, 24, from Norfolk, didn’t like how she was made by nature! And since there is a solution for every problem that we have in our lives than the girl also thought that she would get plastic surgeries done on her body and face! As of today, she has spent almost £27,000 so that she could be perfect!

Her list starts with getting two brea$t implants which have made her brea$ts to go from 34B to a 34FF; she has done lip and cheek fillers, Botox and veneers and even rhinoplasty! But she still isn’t satisfied with her appearance, and she says that still there is a long way that she has to go just to make herself perfect! She thinks that she needs to keep on doing that to become perfect!

She is a webcam model, and she started doing the plastic surgeries when she was just 21 years old! She started worrying about her appearance when she lost four and a half stone and then she started looking after her appearance which in short means that she started going under the knife! After getting so many surgeries done, she has earned herself a big base of fan following on the Internet!

She says that the beauty comes with its set of problems! She said that when she was a kid, she always used to get bullied for being fat and overweight and then she thought that when she loses weight, all her insecurities will go away with time! But then after she got the appearance or let me say that she was getting closer to the appearance she wanted, she got more insecure!

And that’s when her obsession started taking place, she said, ‘And although weight loss and surgery have improved my life in certain ways, it’s given me new anxieties and I do get a lot of criticism from other women. There’s definitely ups and downs to my situation.’ It has been a very difficult process for her! She wanted to do self-improvement and she thought that she could get that only by going under the knife!

She has spent almost £30,000 on the surgeries that she has got till now! She says that some of it was funded from her modeling jobs and the rest of it was funded by her former boyfriend! But there is one thing that she knows for sure is that she is far from being finished and there’s still more to be done! Now she is thinking of getting brea$t augmentation which will be followed by a Brazilian b*tt lift!

And not only that but she has also fixed an appointment of getting a nose job in Iran so that she would get more a doll face look! She says that she gets a buzz from the plastic surgery, but once that buzz is gone, she is back to the craving for getting another plastic surgery done!

Chloe has been craving for plastic surgeries; it is like she gets one done and then she starts to crave for another one! The model says that she has the perfect idea of being the perfect one and she will get it done no matter what! She has suffered low esteem all her life!

And now she thinks that it is just enough of being bullied all the time! When she started to lose weight, she got a lot of attention from men out there! It lifted up her confidence a little bit! And now she has become obsessed with making herself perfect!

She says that the plastic surgery experience is extremely painful and costly! She has to work hard to keep on getting these surgeries on herself! Now she is undergoing a corset training to maintain her body posture; she also receives regular beauty treatment!

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