8 Sweet Ways To Remind Your Boyfriend How Much You Love Him


Being in long-distance relationship brings special emotional and physical challenges to both. Miles away from one another definitely puts stress on the relationship because an extraordinary amount of dedication and trust is required to keep romance alive. They begin to see distant and fight too often. But the good news is that these changes are inevitable and wouldn’t last permanent if some degree of time and effort put into that by the couple. Basically, there are few ways to keep reminding your boyfriend about your romance and showing that you are thinking about him even if not together.

1. Write a surprise love letter

Without telling your boy friend write him a love letter. Use pages that have hearts and post stickers on it. Pretend like you’re 16 years old who is doing these things to make him happy. This is the most romantic way to express your feelings in your own writing. You’ve no idea; your boyfriend will love to receive this as he was in school days. Trust me!

2. Do something with him that he loves

You know your guy loves football sport. Try doing something similar to that. Do research a little about and join him while he watches them play. Check his cupboard, you’ll find some football stuff. Get same outfit for you. Surprise him in his favorite jersey of the team. He will notice your efforts and will feel amazing. Show your deeper side and in return you will be loved more.

3. Get him a gift

You must know about your boyfriend choice. There is something special he wanted to buy always. Save cash for his favorite thing. Take him to shop by surprise and get that. It could be a key-chain, watch, wallet, perfume or anything. Let him notice your efforts you made to go and get that thing to him. This is not a favor but a way to express your concern which will bring out the best in your relation.

4. Wear something he likes

Boys always wanted to look their girlfriends in their preferred dresses. To remind him that you take care of his choice, wear it. It could either be formal, feminine, $exy or casual. If his personality is introvert, don’t wear it out and invite him at home to surprise. He would love to see you sensual.

5. Make him lunch

Show your love by cooking his favorite meal. Before he goes out for work, hand him a lunchbox and don’t forget to add a small note on it. Ask him to open it on his lunch break so that he gets a cute little surprise then. I understand it is not an easy job to wake up early and make lunch but as I said before relationship requires efforts to strengthen it better. Try tricky recipes to show you care about his taste.

6. Send your love story to him

Remind him how you met each other. That first love sight which he might forget in his busy routine, you need to keep reminding him of your love. Your love story will make him nostalgic and would remind him of all little efforts he tried to pursue you. Bring your memories back!

7. Send photo texts of your day

In today’s world, Internet is the easiest and fastest way to communicate all day if you wish. Try sending your lover an occasional photo text of moment you love to share. Remind him that you are thinking about him even if you’re busy. If that isn’t love, then what it is!

8. Make sure to laugh together

Send him jokes and links filled with funny emojis. Do you know when you laugh together there is an emotional connection formed between you both. So keep that connection alive.

It’s never too late to start your love story again. If you weren’t happy yesterday, don’t worry these little gestures do not take a lot of time or cost money and you can start it from today. Don’t do over thinking! Do better.

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