10 Br@ Mistakes Every Girl Suffers From, And Here’s How To Fix It


Br@ is a form-fitting garment made of many parts, designed to support woman’s brea$t. Around 85% of women may be wearing the wrong size. It enhances shape and beauty of your brea$t, and you have definitely heard other benefits of wearing it. The most complicated garment has no end to the variety, whether it comes to cup size, material, band size or anything else. Women take the time to choose her br@ style as it is a blessing for her. But many of them makes a ton of mistakes in choosing right options for them. Look at the image below of perfect br@ size which most of us don’t wear. Umm, I know right now you might be thinking of your mistakes. But don’t worry here I am going to uncover your common mistakes in wearing your br@ along with how to correct them.

1. Wearing the wrong size

Are you wearing wrong br@ size? According to Curvy Kate research, 90% of women is wearing the wrong size which makes them uncomfortable. The size which is not for your brea$t makes it itchy, and saggy. Throughout life, your b00bs size changes six times, and it’s common to find the same girl in the store, coming every time with different size. So I understand it’s difficult for yourself to estimate your own perfect size.

2. Choosing it based on cup size

Never chose your br@ based on cup size because they are not standard, means you may have a D cup with one band size but E cup with another. Try to find perfect band size. Once you select your band size, then go for cup size which is directly related to it. If someone says, ‘Oh I’m a D cup’ it doesn’t make it authentic unless she knows what band size it’s correlated with.

3. Wearing an old br@

An average life of a br@ is eight months, but some people think to use it for years after years, which is absolutely wrong. They have a lifespan and need to be discarded like your underwear’s. Always notice if your band stretches, it’s not going to support your brea$t. So try to have 5 to 6 of them in your wardrobe, believe me, you don’t need to throw them early.

4. Using the tightest hook

When you go to buy a br@, you should always look for an outermost set of hooks and not for innermost. Girls might want to use the tightest hook immediately when they get their new pair, which makes them uncomfortable in breathing. You should progress slowly from looser to tighter hooks, once it stretches, you can easily use the tighter hook.

5. Br@ band riding up your back

Your br@ band riding up your back is a sign of a poorly sized lingerie. Never keep your band higher than the under-wire. If it does your brea$t doesn’t fit properly in it. The band should go straight across your back, if it moves, it’s too big.

6. One br@ with every dress

A very common mistake which most of us do that is to wear one br@ with every outfit. It is a foundation of your outfit. Some outfits require more perky shape, while some shirts in your wardrobe might look better if your brea$ts are a little flatter. So try shopping a variety of them based on your outfits.

7. Insisting on a contoured br@

Contour br@s are molded whereas seamed ones are soft. Contour br@s keep their shape, even when they are in your wardrobe. So is it really beneficial for you, depends on the texture of your b00bs? If your t!ts are perky you might not want to use them. Seamed br@s are soft and designed for perkier b00bs, molded according to the shape of your br3ast. For those having flat br3ast try wearing push-up or contour br@s.

8. Wearing it for two days in a row

As I told you above, always have more than one br@ in your drawer. Wearing it two days in a row is not only a matter of hygiene, but it needs to rest at least one day to regain its strength. It is recommended to wash it with cold water, as it helps to maintain its elasticity.

9. Setting unfit br@

Buying a br@ just to hold your b00bs is important, or you need one which perfectly fits you? Yes, these are two different things which every girl needs to understand. Wrong selection of a br@ will damage your tissues. The purpose of designing it is to support your br3ast, and if it is not doing that, your neck, back, and shoulders muscle would be strained and dramatically affect your posture.

10. Using woolite to wash it

Woolite is not just your laundry detergent; it is terrible for br@s because it softens it’s elastic. Avoid using anything that softens elasticity of it, because you want it to stay firm lasts longer. I hope this article really helps you to understand common br@ mistakes. Take your time because right br@ can do wonders for your self-esteem and appearance. If you know someone who is doing similar mistakes, don’t forget to SHARE it with them.

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